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Seavus Project Viewer is a MS® Project viewer that allows users to open, view and print project
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25 September 2015

Editor's review

It is one of the best viewers for Microsoft Project. It does not need MS Project to be available. The MPP files viewer is available in English, German, French, Czech, Spanish or Japanese.

Features: The MPP files viewer is available in English, German, French, Czech, Spanish or Japanese language. The latest Seavus Project Viewer version 3.5 closely matches the capabilities of Microsoft Project 2003 and 2007. When you need to only view the MPP files the investment in a full-fledged MS Project is a overkill. Many a times collaborators on a project do not need to change or modify anything on the project plans but need to just follow the plan. Since the interface look and feel is very similar to those of the MS project, for users familiar with MS Project there is no learning involved at all. Viewing functionality is exactly the same as in MS Project so that there are no compatibility issues.

Seavus Project Viewer is capable of completely opening large complex project plans easily and thus can be used for running large and substantial projects. It supports Microsoft`s implementation of global templates. Using global templates helps users and companies to standardize the use and appearance of projects within a team or across an enterprise. It can help you view master projects and all their sub-projects. Tasks from different sub-projects form a predecessor/successor dependency. Viewer for Microsoft Project users can display multiple progress lines. You can easily determine the exact status of a task and project. Seavus Project Viewer displays all drawing objects created by the project manager. With this feature, project participants can see exactly the same views as those who are using MS Project. Seavus Project Viewer allows users to access spreadsheets, documents and/or other objects placed there by the project manager.

Overall: If you do not need to do anything more than view project plans and collaborate with project teams working with MS Project; this is a very good option for you.

Publisher's description

Seavus Project Viewer is a complete viewer for Microsoft® Project files that facilitates excellent cooperation in projects where the project stakeholders need to view and share information from project management. It is a fast and light weight standalone application that reads the native .mpp file format and does not require any previous installation of Microsoft® Project on the user’s computer. This Microsoft Project Viewer™ is capable of reading project information from project plans created in 2003, 2007 ,2010, 2013 and Microsoft Project 2016. It displays an extensive set of views over the project information. Seavus Project Viewer™ is the first mpp viewer to give the project plans the same interface as Microsoft® Project, enabling project team members to work with Microsoft® Project Ribbons. This unique visual feature simplifies the work of team members because it makes the tool easier to learn and work with, and keeps the views of .mpp files between the project manager and project teams. Task Update option in Seavus Project Viewer enable users to collaborate with project managers so they will have up-to-date information about the current status of the project tasks and track if all assignments in the project plan are finished on time. Available in 11 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Czech, Seavus Project™ viewer brings great simplicity in the work, by finding and choosing the most suitable language to the user. Seavus Project Viewer™ saves money since MS® Project training courses for team members are not needed and costs 90% less than MS® Project. Seavus Project Viewer 2016 has full support has full support for Microsoft Project 2016 and is perfect for Windows 10.
Seavus Project Viewer
Seavus Project Viewer
Version 2016
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User comments

I use Microsoft Project Standard, but my team of 25 uses Seavus Project Viewer to see the project plans.
MS Project vs. SPV
399$ vs. 39$
Do the maths!
Aleksandar Pejovic
This thing saves money people!!!
Really good viewer. I recommend it to every Project Manager that wants to save money and have the job done!
Great software, the best viewer on the market
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